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I recently opened a technorati account and added all of my existing blogs, including this one.

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       Freedom died not on February 25, 2006, it has been dead for quite some time now. Freedom was slain the moment the government required an individual or groups of individuals to secure a permit in order to hold a peaceful assembly. Gone was my inalienable right as an individual, gone was my right as a citizen. Bill of Rights, Section 4 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution says that "No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the Government for redress of grievances." Even an elementary student can understand that. It is a betrayal of public trust, of the very right that defines us as citizens of our country.

       I did not find any exception that limits this right – rumored coup, chaos, etc. What I found is that my right was trampled upon, supposedly for the ‘good’ of the country. The National State of Emergency is a desperate attempt to grab hold to power and not to preserve order in this country. The alleged coup attempt is yet to be proven, and if it was quashed, what is the need for calling out the military? It just creates more problems, tactically, it is a short lived solution. In the long run, this administration will be rattled by the opposition from time to time, as it is weak.

       Our so called leaders can withstand the process, as we are paying them everyday to carry out the governance of this country. But the more they bicker and fight, the more each and every Juan de la Cruz suffers. We ordinary filipinos suffer from the rising prices each time our peso sinks againts the dollar and that is our reality.

When our freedom to petition the government for redress of our grievances is controlled by the government, we are denied of it. The simple permit is a form of leash that periodically checks us, shackles that binds us. We are prisoners in our own homeland, and we’ve got nowhere to go but home. What good then is our Bill of Rights, if we cannot enjoy its benefits? If we cannot exercise these rights? Better yet that it be considered as a decoration in the Constitution so that it may serve its purpose fully.

       Freedom in the Philippines, which so many people through the decades have fought and died for, has become an illusion.

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Business Risks

Embarking on a new venture gives us a certain kind of uncertainty, of self doubt that slowly takes control on us (well, especially me). It is never ending, a persistent tug of war between moving ahead and holding back. I wish I could just jump into this abyss of uncertainty without considering the consequences of failure. The good thing is, I’ve got a partner, my long time partner who, amid all this chaos of company reorganization, seems to me she’s on top of everything. I really do my best to push the best strategy or solutions for going around the current obstacles that stands in our way as if it would a permanent thing or rather it would be a constant trial that our organization will have to tackle every now and then.
I believe that (and hope) it will be just temporary, in more ways than one a temporary thing, sort of a phase that we, as an organization will have to go through. Also, I believe that it will ease up a bit once we get through the marketing situation that we are in. "To be or not to be… that is the question."  The way to go is to go forward, to take a chance at achieving the goals that we made years ago, to try to do our best rather than doing nothing at all. Syntactics as an IT company will do its best in its chosen field and will do better in the years to come.
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Scatter Bug

I just happened to pass by the MSN main page and there it was, msn spaces. I already have a blog space but I thought, ‘Well, it’s worth a try.’ Then I proceeded to sign up and here I am. During the past few months, (as if its just a recent development) our country went through another cycle of political turmoil, with a different set of politicians in the same scandal ‘suit’. Everyday I keep telling myself to write something about it, but I keep on putting this blogging thing on the sidelines, until now. Well, its a good oppurtunity to write, but I only got 4 minutes left and I’m off to another task, multitasking seems to be my bestfriend right now. I’m tired, so tired, coffee, coffee pls.! Yeah, got another friend too, Mr. Coffee. Hey you work slaves, gather round for coffee… 1:29 p.m. oh well, go to go.
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